Sales of Autogas – the most widely used alternative to conventional automotive fuels – have been growing quickly in some countries, thanks to government policies to encourage the use of alternative fuels on account of its inherent environmental, practical and cost advantages over other such fuels. But in some countries, Autogas-market development has been held back by ineffective or poorly-designed policies, such as unfavourable tax rates and regulations that fail to account fully for the social benefits of switching to Autogas. This study seeks to explain why governments encourage switching to Autogas and how they go about doing so based on an in-depth survey of some of the world’s largest Autogas markets. It assesses what types of policies are most effective and why.

Autogas Incentive Policies

An introduction into the global Autogas market with an in depth analysis of how and why governments promote LPG as an alternative fuel and what works, supplemented by an extensive look at a selection of 25 countries around the world. 27 Oct 2020 » Download the Autogas Incentive Policies Report.