premature deaths a year due to air pollution. Autogas vehicles can significantly improve air quality in urban areas where NOx and PM emissions are negatively affecting human health



of the world population lives in places where air quality levels exceed  World Health Organization limits

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Compared to diesel, under real driving emissions, Autogas cars emit up to


less NOx


less PM

Low-cost infrastructure

Additional costs for Autogas infrastructure are low relative to other alternative fuels. Further, the upfront cost of purchasing a new LPG vehicle or converting an existing vehicle is quickly recovered by the consumer


Immediate Impact of the existing fleet

There are over to 1 billion passenger cars on the road today with a life span of up to 15 years or more – converting the existing fleet to Autogas can have a direct impact on pollutant emissions

By 2040, nearly tripling the number of Autogas vehicles



Lower global emissions of NOx by over 4%



Reduce global emissions of PM by close to 5%

Mt of CO2

save 130 Mt of CO2

billion USD

cumulative societal and environmental benefits of over 54 billion USD

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