Automotive LPG or Autogas is the most accessible alternative fuel . Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, in many countries, considerably cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. LPG also emits less CO2 and far less other emissions such as NOx.



Autogas is…


Vehicles running on LPG produce far fewer of the harmful emissions associated with traditional road fuels that contribute to environmental and health problems.


Autogas is a safe alternative fuel that is nontoxic, non-corrosive and insoluble in water. Fuelling with autogas is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel.


Autogas combines low cost and emissions with easy refueling and range comparable to traditional fuels.


The supply of LPG is secure in the long term and 7 of 10 largest car manufacturers produce autogas vehicles.


LPG is the most commonly used alternative fuel in the world and and increasing number of countries promote its use.


New autogas-electric hybrids and engine technology ensure that autogas is ready for the future.

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