Autogas is considered as safe as any conventional automotive fuel. Used in motor vehicles for almost 100 years, Autogas meet the same standards for safety as conventionally fuelled vehicles.

  • Autogas requires a much higher temperature to ignite compared to gasoline and diesel.
  • Autogas has the lowest flammability range of any fossil fuel.
  • Unlike gasoline and diesel, if Autogas leaks it does not pool or puddle, but instead vaporizes and dissipates into the air.
  • Since Autogas is released as a vapour, it can’t be ingested like gasoline, diesel or alcohol fuels.
  • Autogas is virtually odourless and colourless in its natural state. The unpleasant smell you might associate with propane is added to help with detection in case of a leak.
  • Autogas fuel tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant, and can withstand far more pressure than typical gasoline tanks.
  • Autogas is a nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, noncorrosive fuel. It poses no hazard to groundwater, surface water, or soil and given its state as a gas, it does not spill, pool, or leave a residue.

Fuelling with autogas is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel. 
Around the world, vehicles of all types, from cars to tuktuks, school buses to police cars, run safely on Autogas.

Strict standards and regulations set by experts in recognised organisations for example the European Union and National Governments
Components are thoroughly tested by independent laboratories, before entering the market
WIdely used BY GOVERNMENTS AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR - Used by Taxis, police cars, ambulances, driving schools and rental cars, EVEN RACing CARS