Autogas delivers a driving experience equal, or in many cases superior, to petrol or diesel. It is the only alternative fuel that delivers a wide range of benefits, including lower emissions, without having to compromise on for example performance and autonomy.

Autogas has a higher octane rating than gasoline, meaning it burns cleaner. Not only does this equate to reduced vehicle emissions, it means lower operating costs. Some of the maintenance benefits of Autogas-powered vehicles include:

  • Less frequent oil changes
  • Extended engine life
  • Nearly double spark plug life
  • Oil filter life extended up to three times longer.
Many governments promote autogas making it a very cost efficient fuel
autogas tanks ARE compact AND Easily integrated in the car without loss of trunk space
Autogas drivers CAN FILL UP at one of the 76000 Refuelling stations
Several countries and cities offer reduced road taxes and free parking for LPG cars / LPG powered cars are welcome in underground car parks in most countries