US: new LPG-powered school buses to transport students in Missouri

Hannibal Public School District 60 has utilised funding from incentive programs like the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus Program and the Missouri Propane Education & Research Council to double down on its commitment to substantially reduce its carbon footprint with nine Autogas school buses. Plans for a fully LPG-fuelled fleet are in the works.

The district already received two Autogas buses this month, with four more arriving soon and an additional three on order. With the addition of these new vehicles, 22% of the district’s fleet will run on clean, low emission fuel.

The nine Autogas buses are replacing diesel buses that are about 20 years old and emit known carcinogens. Unlike diesel, Autogas is a nontoxic, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive fuel, and is classified as a non-contaminant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

According to Scott Speer, transportation director for the district, the staff and board of directors were thoughtful about selecting an affordable, practical clean fuel for its new buses; they looked at several options before landing on Autogas. The district looked at the entire picture when making its decision, including the initial purchase of the buses, infrastructure, fuel and ongoing maintenance costs. “As we researched the various alternative fuels, Autogas stood out as the best option for our school district,” he said.

Big River Oil, which successfully won the bid to supply LPG to Hannibal Public Schools, has partnered with the district to assist in the purchasing and installation of the refuelling infrastructure on school property. The district can fuel two buses at once with its stations, with the ability to scale upward when needed. Autogas infrastructure costs less to install than any other transportation fuel.

“Autogas school buses are better for our children, better for our community and better for the environment,” said Steve Ahrens, president of the Missouri Propane Education & Research Council. “They eliminate harmful tailpipe emissions while stretching taxpayer dollars. Hannibal Public School District 60 is truly making a wise investment.”

Source: Missouri Propane Education & Research Council

1 February 2023