US: Kansas school district receives national green award for its Autogas fleet

Kansas City Public Schools’ (KCPS) efforts to reduce emissions with its fleet of LPG-powered buses have been recognised with a School Transportation News Green Bus Summit Fleet Award. KCPS was one of four school districts to get an award at the STN Expo in Reno, Nevada.

“All the nominees deserve congratulations for leading the way toward a zero-emissions future,” said Ryan Gray, STN editor-in chief. “It was a difficult decision to narrow the list down to only five winners.”

In 2019, KCPS signed a three-year, $60.6 million contract with Student Transportation of America. STA proposed KCPS go Autogas to reduce emissions and fuel costs, though doing so would require significant up-front investment, according to then-KCPS Chief Financial Officer Linda Quinley.

“The RFP was written to ask potential partners to offer the best possible program for KCPS and our community,” Quinley said. “While propane buses cost more, they are better on maintenance and tend to be roadworthy longer. They provide a quieter, smoother ride for kids and drivers.”

Not only are these buses better for the environment, but Autogas costs significantly less than other types of fuel — $2.02 per gallon compared to $5.16 for diesel. For more information, please check here.

3 August 2022