United States: Superior Energy advises on LPG refuelling for school bus fleets

Jim Bunsey, Director of Operations for Superior Energy Systems, an industry leader in manufacturing Autogas dispensers, provided valuable information and advice on the proper refuelling infrastructure that school bus fleets running on LPG should have.

There are more than 22,000 Autogas school buses on American roads in 49 states, transporting 1.3 million kids to school daily. Refuelling Autogas school buses is easy because often an LPG provider will install a refuelling station at low, or even no, cost with signage of a long-term fuel contract. A station always includes a tank, a dispenser and safety bollards, among other components.

There are three key tips a fleet operator should address this summer to maximise school year success: testing dispenser functionality, performing routine maintenance on pumps to ensure they run efficiently, and testing safety systems.

Superior Energy Systems recommends these maintenance issues be addressed quarterly and ideally prior to school starting. They also advise that driver training should be performed annually with refresher courses on how to properly and safely refuel buses.

Autogas school buses are the most effective alternative to diesel school buses, and proper maintenance during the summer will help ensure reliable operation all year long. For more information, please visit this link.

Photo: Superior Energy Systems

20 July 2022