United States: Ford Shelby Raptor available in LPG version

The Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor – V6, 336 KW, 3,5cc – has been converted to Autogas with the Prins VSI-2.0 DI (direct injection) LPG system.

“Prins DI-LPG systems are standing out due to their quality, low emissions, best performance and very low petrol use (less than 5%). The return on investment therefore is extremely good,” says the company in a statement. “We are proud to develop solutions for USA pick-up trucks such as Ford, RAM and GMC, to be able to convert them to LPG.”

With an extensive range available, Prins also developed new LPG systems for the latest DI engines, such as Audi S4 Avant 3.0, Ford Focus 1.0, Ford Transit 1.0 and Renault Scenic 1.3.

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17 July 2019