U.S. energy funding helps major bakery deploy Autogas truck fleet


Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) facility has deployed a new fleet of delivery vehicles fuelled by emissions-reducing, domestically produced LPG. The new Ford F-59 trucks are partially funded by a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), which supports energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

“We are encouraged to see local businesses embracing alternative fuel vehicles which are vital to reducing our reliance on petroleum,” said Mary Beth Tung, Maryland Energy Administration Director.

The total award from MEA, under the Maryland Freedom Fleet Voucher Programme (FFVP), was for $340,000 for 45 vehicles which are expected to displace over 190,000 gallons of petroleum annually with lower up-front costs, minimal impact to operations and will allow for stability for fuel costs.

“This commitment from BBU is a prime example of the Maryland Clean Cities Coalition in action, featuring partnerships that promote the economy and protects the environment,” added Tung.

“This initiative is the latest in our company’s continued effort to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Gary Maresca, senior director of fleet services for BBU. BBU has also installed an on-site fuelling station at their Howard County facility, eliminating the need to refill at retail stations. BBU expects to see a reduction in operational costs as a result of the lower fuel prices as well as maintenance savings due to the cleaner-burning properties of the fuel.