U.S. Energy Department supports deployment of alternative fuel vehicles


The Energy Department (DOE) announced $13.4 million in support of five new cost-shared, community-based projects focused on energy efficient mobility systems including connected and autonomous vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, including Autogas, natural gas, biofuels, hydrogen, and electricity.

This Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) funding is an investment in highly-innovative, highly-leveraged, and scalable projects that will provide real-world experience and generate knowledge and lessons learned to help improve the country’s energy security, support energy independence, and improve transportation efficiency.

The Metropolitan Energy Centre and its partner Kansas City Regional Clean Cities are among the selected organisations for federal funding to accelerate the adoption of clean, domestic fuels. They will receive $3.8 million to assist multiple projects in both Missouri and Kansas, including the Autogas infrastructure to supply a bus fleet operated by the Grain Valley School District in Missouri.

“We project a cumulative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 3,377 metric tonnes by the end of Year Three of the project and the elimination of 46,375 barrels of petroleum.  A conservative estimate shows savings of $888,615 in fuel costs through the end of year three for our partners and for fleets and drivers making the switch to cleaner, domestically produced energy,” according to a statement from the Metropolitan Energy Centre.

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