U.S. alternative fuel company chooses Autogas to expand business

Agility Fuel Solutions is broadening its product portfolio for global commercial vehicle OEMs by adding complete LPG powertrain system capability. The company has created a new Powertrain Systems business unit to complement its existing natural gas high-pressure Fuel Systems and Cylinders/Europe business units. Powertrain Systems will focus on the development, certification and integration of low-pressure Autogas systems for integration on OEM engines and vehicles.

Long an established fuel in industrial vehicle markets, LPG is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for commercial fleets because it reduces greenhouse gases without sacrificing performance. “The most important step the transportation industry can take toward a healthy planet is replacing diesel with clean fuel. Agility now offers an even broader portfolio of clean fuel solutions for our customers,” said Kathleen Ligocki, Chief Executive Officer.

Agility’s Powertrain Systems has already acquired assets of CleanFUEL USA, a provider of liquid-injection Autogas systems for commercial vehicles, as well as Autogas dispensers and refuelling equipment.

This acquisition will enable Powertrain Systems to immediately offer complete Autogas systems for OEM engines and commercial vehicles based on patented liquid propane injection (LPI®) technology. Agility will also be able to offer turnkey fuelling packages for both private fleet and retail locations, enabling a complete solution for commercial fleets globally. For more information, please check this link.