Turkish Autogas market grows steadily with 4.3 million cars


Turkey, with over 4.3 million cars, has the largest LPG-powered vehicle fleet in the world.  The market grew steadily over the years, reaching 3.1 million tonnes in 2015 with an annual increase of 9% and of 5% CAGR. Today in terms of consumption, Turkey is the third largest Autogas market in the world; with four out of 10 passenger cars running on LPG. The Turkish Autogas sector is composed of more than 60 distribution companies, over 1,000 registered conversion firms, and about 10,000 refuelling stations all over the country.

Being a leader of Autogas market, Aygaz had shouldered the responsibility to promote safe and reliable conversions. Realising the importance of workshops for the sustainability of the industry, Aygaz founded ‘Aygaz Conversion Centres Club’ in 2010 to gather all officially approved entities together. The mission of the club is to help the growth of Autogas and conversion market, promote reliable and officially approved conversion firms and increase the perception of Autogas as a safe and high performance motor fuel. Aygaz has not only provided these small scale firms with monetary benefit but also invested in the outlook and service quality of their workshops.

In a time when digital platforms are indispensable part of everyone’s life, Aygaz launched www.otogazla.com, the first and unique Autogas website in Turkey (soon there will also be an English version), in order to multiply the effectiveness of the Conversion Club and in order to meet more effectively the needs of potential and current customers. One of the breakthrough features of this website is being a platform which brings car owners and conversion specialists together and gives them the opportunity to exchange information by communicating interactively.

The comprehensive content of the website meets all information needs of potential and current Autogas users regarding LPG and conversions. Customers can easily locate conversion firms on the map, can set up dates for conversion or maintenance, and even calculate their savings compared to gasoline. Moreover, visitors have access to current news, campaigns and interviews of influential people.

Moreover, Aygaz has also prepared a series of videos in order to improve perception of Autogas and promote both conversions and support member conversion firms. The series are available on www.otogazla.com as well as social media platforms. Please click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fHFIvBeN2U) to view one of these outstanding videos.