Turkey: joint campaign to offer Autogas versions of Fiat models


Fiat and Aygaz, LPG distributor in Turkey, recently announced a long-term partnership aiming at increasing consumer choice for brand new LPG cars. Under the Aygaz-Fiat joint campaign, Fiat announced that factory-approved LPG conversion is available for the whole range of its new vehicle models while for the first time in Turkey, Aygaz offers a full-insurance scheme that covers all fuel related issues.

According to the scheme, drivers of the brand new Fiat LPG-powered cars will not only keep the car manufacturer’s warranty but will also enjoy the warranty against all fuel related issues as long as they continue using Aygaz Autogas. As an additional benefit, the drivers of the newly bought Fiat cars will also get a 10% discount on their LPG purchases from Aygaz stations for a whole year.

This initiative strengthens the Autogas offer in a country where over 4 million cars are already powered by LPG. Fiat already has a broad Autogas vehicle portfolio, with several models being sold in different European countries.

Aygaz Fiat Cooperation