Turkey: Heavy Duty Vehicles converted for Diesel-LPG Dual Fuel operations


The innovative “Diesel-LPG Dual Fuel Conversion of Heavy-Duty Vehicles” project was developed by Aygaz in cooperation with DPG, a Turkish LPG conversion partner, and is ready for implementation.

The conversion system was tested on 13 trucks for two years, during which these vehicles drove for a total of one million kilometres across Turkey. The conversion system increases fuel efficiency by up to 10% while offering virtually similar performance and drivability as diesel.

Moreover, using LPG in heavy-duty vehicles enables a 6% decrease in CO2 emissions and a 35% decrease in PM emissions, which is a huge benefit for the environment. Diesel-LPG conversion offers a near-future opportunity for vehicle owners and LPG distributors.

This initiative received an innovation award at the 29th World LPG Forum, which took place in Italy last month.