Thailand: new initiative to convert taxis to LPG

Energy company PTG is investing more than 150 million baht (about U$S 4,8 million) in a new project, called “PT Taxi Transform Change for the Future,” to convert taxis that currently run on CNG to Autogas. About 10,000 vehicles are expected to participate in the programme.

LPG service stations under the trademark “PT” are in charge of organising the transformations and the new equipment to be installed has been certified by the Department of Land Transport under the event name “PT Taxi Transform.” This is part of the expansion of assistance to taxi drivers whom the company is committing to help during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For the said project, the company is focusing on three areas:

  1. Time value: there are many PT LPG filling stations, both in Bangkok, outskirts and upcountry, so drivers will not have to waste time looking for a pump to refuel their cars.
  2. Good value: for getting all new equipment installed, worth over 20,000 baht (U$S640), drivers will only pay an application fee of 3,000 baht (U$S100).
  3. Great value: a discount on LPG refuelling for the whole year, totalling up to 4,200 baht (U$135),

“The company intends to expand its assistance to taxi drivers by reducing fuel costs, as well as offering more flexibility to the project participants, since drivers will also save time in finding LPG stations,” said Suwatchai Pitakwongsaporn, Managing Director of Olympus Oil Co., Ltd., a group of PTG Energy Public Company Limited.

For more information, please check this link.

26 May 2021