Texas offers Autogas incentives for public fleets

Public fleets in Texas can now take advantage of incentives to help lower their carbon footprint in their communities. The Propane Council of Texas, a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating the public on clean-burning propane is offering funding for Texas public fleets to switch to the greener alternative.

Since 2010, the Council has offered incentives for businesses to power their vehicles with Autogas and has now expanded funding to public fleets, including city, county, law enforcement and school white fleet in 2017.

The Propane Council of Texas offers incentives up to $7,500 per vehicle for fleets state-wide for the purchase of new, dedicated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Autogas vehicles as well as conversions to propane. The programme has a perpetual cap of $30,000 per fleet.

“The Council hopes the funding will encourage transits, local government fleets, law enforcement and other public fleets to adopt Autogas into their fleet,” said Jackie Mason, Education and Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT). “The Propane Council of Texas has seen local government fleets, including law enforcement across the country power their fleets with Autogas.”

Autogas will help communities lower their carbon footprint, save tax-payer dollars and enhance the country’s energy security.