Terpel expands LPG refuelling network in Ecuador

Terpel Ecuador began the commercialisation of Autogas in Manta, a port city on the central coast of the country. As for the moment, the fuel will be available only for taxi drivers.

This new LPG refuelling facility, located on 114th Avenue and 319th Street, joins other sites Terpel operates on 25 de Julio in Guayaquil, and at kilometre 3 of the Durán-Tambo highway (Eloy Alfaro parish).

The company’s projection is to continue expanding Autogas to other cities where there is a high demand for the product, such as Portoviejo, Santo Domingo, and other locations in the country.

Terpel’s Fuels Manager Xavier Granda informed that as a result of the rise in gasoline prices, the demand for LPG has increased considerably, especially in this last year. “This led us to analyse our participation in the Autogas segment, since we know that there is not enough offer to supply users in a timely and agile manner,” he said.

He also commented that taxi drivers can access a subsidy from the State to convert their vehicles. The adaptation process must be completed at an authorised workshop, as provided by the Government.

Among the main benefits of using Autogas, Granda explained it offers an approximate 60% reduction in the cost per kilometre, much more efficient combustion and, consequently, the reduction of harmful emissions and carbon monoxide into the environment.

Source: El Universo

13 September 2023