Students from Toulouse drive LPG car to promote sustainability throughout France

Four students from the Toulouse Business School are promoting sustainable development initiatives throughout France with their LPG-powered car. The initiative is called “Le Tour des Solutions Alternatives” and is supported by the CFBP, the French association of propane and butane.

The third-year students began their journey on 8 April in Montpellier. “We must go from words to action,” said Sophie, Olivier, Coline and Aymeric, determined to act for the environment.

The students commented the importance of the car in the tour as it runs on LPG, a clean fuel that perfectly matches with their environmental actions. “Autogas is an alternative fuel that does not generate fine particles. It is also already accessible to all, since there are 1,650 service stations supplying LPG in France, one every 60 kilometres,” said Sophie.

“Filling the tank, which lasts about 200 to 400 kilometres, costs only 27 euros. It is not so difficult to combine economy and ecology. We are all aware of the issues of sustainable development, but we often expect it to be our neighbour who acts in our place. The priority is to change that,” they added.

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8 May 2019