Spanish car sharing company expands its green fleet with Autogas vehicles


Respiro car sharing company is reinforcing its commitment to clean fuels and sustainability with the addition of LPG Fiat 500 cars to its fleet. It means lowering the company’s environmental footprint as it is less polluting than traditional fuels and enabling Respiro to receive the ECO label from the General Transport Direction (allowing cars to circulate during pollution peaks and to receive special bonuses in SER parking areas).

Respiro recently participated in the 1st Forum on Autogas, organised by the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid (Fenercom) and the Autogas Cluster and which took place on 19 October in Madrid. On this occasion its president Ian Paterson spoke about the successful incorporation of Autogas in its fleet.

In September the company had been part of the European Mobility Week, the initiative of the European Commission encouraging the use of public transport and discovering new mobility solutions that complement it as an alternative to private cars, where they presented the new LPG-powered vehicles.

“Respiro is the perfect complement to public transport and the easiest, most economical and sustainable alternative to the private vehicle,” said the company in a press release. For more information visit this link.