Spanish alliance on sustainable mobility will enhance guarantee for LPG vehicles

Atlántica Garantia SA, a company dedicated to the management of mechanical guarantees for more than two decades, and Ferrosite, a leading company in the vehicle conversion to Autogas with almost 20 years of experience, have signed a collaboration agreement to boost the use of vehicles propelled by LPG.

Under this partnership, Atlántica will offer mechanical coverage to the vehicles included in the Ferrosite 4.0 programme. The agreement is aimed at vehicles that have the installation of an LPG kit, and demonstrates both companies’ commitment to the environment and to a more sustainable mobility that improves air quality.

Atlántica has developed a specific coverage to provide service and guarantee to Ferrosite 4.0, a conversion programme for passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to 41 tonnes that is carried out in the more than 200 workshops that Ferrosite has in Spain and Portugal.

“The installation of alternative fuel systems in combustion vehicles allows improvements in the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. We participate in the promotion of the Diesel+LPG dual fuel conversions as part of our commitment to the improvement of the air and our environmental responsibility,” explains Atlántica Garantia.

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6 November 2019