Spain’s largest Autogas tank opens in Madrid

With the collaboration of DISA Group, the Madrid Autotaxi Cooperative Society (SCAT) has put into operation an upgraded Autogas refuelling depot at its main headquarters, located in Villaverde. It features a tank with a capacity of 50 m3, which has replaced the previous one and is the largest LPG tank in Spain.

The goal of SCAT is to meet the great demand that exists within the sector for this fuel. “Autogas has become the preferred fuel for the professionals integrated into SCAT,” said Leonardo Movilla, President of the entity, during the opening ceremony, which was also attended by representatives of DISA.

According to data managed by SCAT, currently 92% of 2023 conversions are for LPG or hybrid cars, mainly due to the savings it represents. The cooperative also has its own conversion workshop to adapt petrol-powered taxis so that they can run on LPG.

With Autogas, “taxi drivers save about EUR 40 with each refuelling, while offering them a range of about 1,000 kilometres by combining the LPG tank with the petrol one,” according to SCAT.

“In addition to the environmental advantages, Autogas allows us to have a more economical fuel,” said Movilla.

He thanked the entity’s collaborator for its contribution. “DISA has been very involved in all the investment that the expansion required and in the technical part. Without them it would have cost us more, making this product more expensive for our associates,” concluded the President of SCAT.

SCAT has among its partners 5,000 taxis powered by Autogas.

Source: La Gaceta del Taxi

25 October 2023