Spain: sales of Autogas vehicles increased fivefold in 2018

According to data from the Institute of Automotive Studies (IEA), 17,088 Autogas cars and SUVs were registered in the Spanish market during 2018, which means the figure has multiplied by almost five compared to the registrations recorded in the previous year. Moreover, sales of LPG-powered vehicles recorded a 1.2% share of total registrations in the country last year (1.32 million units).

Autogas vehicles have experienced a strong growth in recent years: in the last decade the Spanish market has experience the commercialisation of three cars in 2009 to the 17,088 vehicles delivered in 2018.

The growth shows the growing demand of this alternative fuel in Spain, mainly because vehicles running on LPG can use the ECO label of the General Direction of Transport (DGT), reports Europa Press.

The ECO label is carried by hybrid plug-in vehicles with a range of less than 40 kilometres, non-plug-in hybrids, and vehicles powered by Autogas and natural gas (CNG/LNG).

Vehicles with ECO and Zero labels also enjoy, depending on the cities, different tax advantages and discounts on the price of regulated car parks. In addition, in the case of Madrid, ECO labelled cars can circulate in all high pollution scenarios. For more information, please check this link.

16 January 2019