Spain: Murcia subsidises taxi drivers owning ‘zero’ and ‘eco’ cars

The Local Government Board of Murcia approved the call for the granting of subsidies by competitive concurrence for the acquisition of zero emission taxis, such as electrics and hydrogen-powered, as well as cars with the ECO category, such as hybrids or powered by LPG or CNG. For this, 161,871 euros will be allocated, which represents an increase with the last call of 2019 in which the maximum amount was 150,000 euros.

With this initiative, which is part of the 2030 Climate Change Mitigation Strategy, the Murcia City Council intends to gradually renew the fleet of vehicles used for taxi service, with the benefits that the addition of cleaner and less polluting cars represents for the municipality.

Taxi drivers will receive a maximum of 7,000 euros for the acquisition of ZERO vehicles; 6,000 euros for ECO hybrid vehicles and 3,000 euros for ECO Autogas vehicles.

The requirements to access these aids are to be the holder of the taxi license, to be registered in the municipality of Murcia or to carry out the activity exclusively in the municipality of Murcia and to have acquired one of these vehicles since February 16, 2021 until February 15, 2022. The submission deadline will be until June 30, 2022. For more information, please visit this link.

Photo: Todo Taxi

22 June 2022