Spain: Herko Trucks presents first last-mile vehicle running on renewable Autogas

Herko Trucks, the joint venture launched by engine manufacturer BeGas and trailer builder Leciñena in 2021, has officially unveiled the HERKO BIOS 35, a net zero emissions truck that runs on bioLPG. The new vehicle is expected to decarbonise last mile logistics and urban transport applications with profitability and efficiency.

The HERKO BIOS 35 is the first truck of its type assembled in the Basque Country and is ready to meet the European Union sustainability goals set for 2050 today. “Together we move towards net zero emissions, decarbonisation and a cleaner world. The green revolution is underway!” said the company on its social media.

This new truck, which features BeGas LPG engine, will reduce 98% of polluting emissions. It is a light truck weighing just two tonnes with a payload of 1,500 kilos. It has 140 hp of power and can climb ramps of up to 35% slope. It has a range of 800 kilometres, allowing to travel from the Basque Country to Madrid or Seville without stopping to refuel. In addition, anyone with a type B tourism license can drive it.

Herko Trucks, which has the support of the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, plans to commercialise more than 160 units of this model by 2023, and to produce 3,000 trucks within two years. The company will have a 7,600 square metre assembly plant in Zierbena (Bizkaia).

“The Autogas engine is recognized by the European Union as a ‘key energy vector,’” said the CEO of BeGas Pedro Silva during the presentation. “It is the first engine approved in Europe to use Autogas with the ECO label, allowing it to access all the Low Emission Zones of all the cities in Spain.”

Source: El Mercantil

Photo: Herko Trucks

1 February 2023