Spain: Dacia offers its LPG-powered Sandero Stepway ECO-G from 5 euros per day

Dacia Spain announced a new interesting commercial offer for its bi-fuel LPG-powered Sandero Stepway ECO-G: from only EUR 150 per month, or EUR 5 per day, Spanish drivers can purchase this car, with an entry fee of EUR 2,771 and a final instalment of EUR 9,887.

This campaign, which also covers the promotion of taking the Dacia Sandero with 3 years of maintenance included in the fee, started on 1 August and will be available for order until 31 August, according to the manufacturer.

“Discover Dacia Sandero Stepway ECO-G (LPG), our most versatile and robust crossover, with a completely renovated design and greater height to the ground, and with a spacious and versatile interior to live new adventures with total comfort. Thanks to its ECO-G engine, it controls consumption and reduces the maintenance budget thanks to our engines, designed to help you every day. With the ECO label you can circulate without problems in the low emission zones (ZBE) of your city,” remarked Dacia on its website.

The ECO-G engine, integrated during the manufacture of the vehicle, guarantees greater safety and efficiency and is a cleaner alternative. This easy-to-use engine has a petrol tank and an LPG tank, which allows to significantly increase the total range of the Sandero Stepway.

Thanks to its turbo and 100 HP, the ECO-G engine makes the vehicle economical and pleasant to drive, offering an average of 3.7 kg/100 km of expenditure when runs on Autogas, said the manufacturer.

Source: Dacia Spain

16 August 2023