Spain: Castilla y León unveils plan to promote clean fuels, including 3,000 LPG vehicles

Castilla y León will invest a total of 32.3 million Euros until 2023 to power a fleet of nearly 8,500 alternative fuel vehicles, including 3,000 Autogas cars, as well as a refuelling network of 80 new stations. The plan aims to contribute to technological development and the strengthening of a key sector in the Community’s economy, in addition to favouring the reduction of greenhouse gases.

This was announced by the Minister of Employment and Industry Carlota Amigo, during the presentation of the Regional Strategy for Alternative Energy Vehicles in Castilla y León 2020-2023, after its approval by the Governing Council, which will have a budget of more than 90 million Euros. “We want Castilla y León to become one of the technological benchmark communities in the alternative energy vehicle sector,” she said.

The new plan is structured around three axes: industrialisation, infrastructure and market. The first axle will get 20 million Euros and aims to promote technological development and the manufacture -in the plants of Castilla y León- of components and modules for alternative fuel vehicles, as well as for the manufacture of the associated energy infrastructure.

In addition, three million Euros were allocated to infrastructure, which will support a sufficiently relevant supply network to cover the needs that may be generated by the mobility of users. Finally, the market axis includes aids and tax incentives of eight million Euros to encourage the acquisition of alternative fuel vehicles, to spread good practices articulated by city councils to favour the introduction of these technologies in cities and to give visibility to the technical-economic advantages of these vehicles. For more information, please check this link.

25 November 2020