Southern Colombia’s first Autogas station opens in Nariño

The Colombian public utility company Montagas has put into operation its first LPG service station in Pasto, Department of Nariño. This is the first Autogas station opened in the south of the country. The company expects to close 2022 with six filling stations operating in Nariño.

Located in a strategic sector of the city of Pasto, the new facility will allow cars converted to LPG to refuel this clean energy quickly and comfortably. To date, there are already more than 40 vehicles running on Autogas in the Nariño capital.

For more than a year, Montagas has been evaluating the performance of LPG in private and public service vehicles, with excellent results in terms of engine performance and considerable savings in fuel and money.

Compared to other vehicle fuels, Autogas allows a 21% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 81% of particulate matter, which makes it a clean and environmentally-friendly fuel. It has been classified as one of the transition fuels included in the Colombian energy basket. For more information, please visit this link.

13 April 2022