Repsol strengthens collaborations to encourage Autogas adoption in Spain

Repsol and Atlántica Garantia S.A., a company dedicated to the management of mechanical guarantees, have signed a collaboration agreement to join forces and work together to promote the use of vehicles powered by LPG.

The objective of this partnership is to encourage the installation of Autogas systems to any car brand and model, whether it is a transformation of direct and indirect gasoline engines, or dual fuel conversions of diesel engines.

Moreover, the agreement implies a highest level of commercial strategy, committing Atlántica Garantia to provide a mechanical and electrical guarantee programme to new vehicles that use Autogas and also to establish a technical relationship with the different car dealers.

“The savings per kilometre when using Autogas can reach up to 40%, maintaining a level of pollutant emissions significantly lower than the equivalent versions powered by traditional fuels, and offering the same level of performance and a similar refuelling time,” according to Atlántica Guarantee.

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5 February 2020