Repsol joins FCA’s dealer to present two new eco-friendly Jeeps in Barcelona

Spanish cities are increasingly demanding in their regulations with the aim of establishing an efficient and sustainable mobility, and many drivers are opting for cleaner fuel cars that meet these new policies. Under this scenario, manufacturers and distributors are also increasing the offering of green vehicles, such as Auto88, the official dealer of the FCA Group, which has recently launched two models powered by Autogas, with the collaboration of Repsol, Gasmoción and Jeep.

The new vehicles are the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Compass, two SUVs of medium and small size that will reach the market through the network and workshops of AUTO88. This project is aimed at those who seek to achieve the ECO sticker, awarded by the Transport General Direction (DGT), as all LPG-powered vehicles are labelled under this environmental category.

“The acquisition of the LPG system, provided by Gasmoción, is quickly amortisable because the investment is around 1,800 Euros and, in addition, the fuel offers tax benefits for its users, such as the reduction of some parking fees or highway tolls,” explained Xavier Vidale, General Director of AUTO88.

The initiative also includes Repsol collaboration, which owns 400 of the 600 LPG refuelling stations in Spain. “Although there is still a ‘long way to go,’ Autogas is already a mature, available and immediate technology, which does not suppose an economic effort, and that thanks to a strong dissemination work, it finally is becoming popular,” said Jesús de la Fuente, Repsol Automotive Manager.

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8 May 2019