REPSOL and BOSCH Group to promote LPG

Repsol’s executive director of LPG, Manuel Pérez Jurado, the director-general of Bosch Thermotechnology for Spain and Portugal, Jose Ignacio Mestre, and Alejandro García Casal, the Bosch Group’s director of legal services, signed an agreement to jointly promote and implement high-efficiency energy solutions using the Bosch Group brand’s thermal generation equipment and Repsol LPG.

The agreement consists of the commitment of both parties to highly efficient energy solutions, consulting with and supporting each another, in order provide their common customers the best possible value and energy and cost optimisation.

The combination of Repsol LPG and the Bosch Group’s equipment will contribute to the sustainability of thermal facilities, especially in collective residential buildings and in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In this way, the two companies will deepen their mutual knowledge of the main values for customers in order to present their customers with a strong joint presence compared to other commercial offers on the market.

The two companies will also cooperate to develop promotional and dissemination actions aimed at other opinion leaders, technical associations and customers and to organise commercial events of mutual interest.

Savings and efficiency with Repsol LPG

Repsol offers advanced energy solutions based on the use of LPG which respond to new environmental and sustainability challenges in construction and industry in the current energy context.

Good examples of these solutions are hybrid solar energy and gas systems; micro-CHP that simultaneously produces heat and electricity; gas heat pumps; and high-efficiency boilers.

Repsol’s sustainable energy solutions are easy to install and combine with other conventional and renewable energies, both in new projects and for energy rehabilitation.

The Bosch Group focuses on the manufacture and commercialisation of thermal generation equipment, mainly for domestic hot water and heating, and especially on condensing boilers and micro-CHP units for construction and industrial processes.

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