Prins Autogas encourages LPG conversion market in Romania

Bucharest-based Autogas installer ROCAR SION recently received an official delegation from the Dutch group Prins Autogas Systemen, part of Westport Fuel Systems, which plans to analyse the market results and the development trend, but also to promote the expansion of the Autogas industry in Romania.

During its visit, Prins provided valuable information about the growing trend of the vehicle market towards alternative fuels such as LPG, CNG and hydrogen, and offered training to 50 technicians of the ROCAR SION LPG service network from all over the country.

The training focused on the installation of LPG kits for new engines with direct injection, dual petrol injection, and for mild hybrid or full hybrid passenger vehicles, whose users have proven to be the most willing to invest in Autogas conversions.

“The vision that we have built, and that I have respected for 14 years, has in mind the satisfaction of the end user and we want to continue with this vision,” explained Silviu Raicea, CEO of ROCAR SION. “That is why we continue to prepare ourselves thoroughly, to easily perform complex installations on cars with direct injection.”

ROCAR SION and its brand, together with external partners from Prins and the Allianz Tiriac technical team, offer users the opportunity to access an Autogas conversion on any new car. The driver receives a special insurance certificate for “0 km” LPG conversions, and is covered by any damage caused by the transformation process.

Two years ago, the ROCAR team launched a program on the portal through which any conversion for vehicles with direct injection is checked by a ROCAR technician before start operating with Autogas. “In this way, we made sure that the user will be satisfied and will recommend us further,” stated ROCAR authorities.


24 May 2023