Police department in Tennessee launches Autogas programme

The Greeneville Police Department (GPD) has partnered with Alliance AutoGas for a programme designed to save money, help the environment and improve emergency response by converting the patrol fleet to Autogas, according to a news release from the town of Greeneville.

The project was launched on 1 January and so far three patrol vehicles have been already converted to LPG. The GPD initiative is projected to save the town of Greeneville an estimated $10,000 a year, said Police Chief Tim Ward.

He also wanted to inform the community about the transition to Autogas and listed some benefits: no up-front cost and savings through a fuel price less than gasoline; environmentally-friendly lower emissions; double emergency response time through use of duel tanks for both LPG and gasoline, if needed.

“This opportunity will double the way we take care of our community,” Ward said. “If we have a natural disaster, for example, we can stay on the scene a lot longer,” he added.

Moreover, all GPD patrol officers have been trained on the proper use of Autogas in police vehicles. If you want to know more, please visit this link.

16 January 2019