Poland surpasses 3 million LPG-powered vehicles in 2017

According to the latest data, 2017 closed with 3,082,000 vehicles running on LPG, an increase of 105,000 cars year-over-year. It is worth mentioning that about 54% of all passenger cars in Poland use petrol as fuel, 30.7% are models with diesel engines, and 14.5% are powered by Autogas.

The total sales of Autogas amounted to 1,915,000 tonnes in 2017 (7.0% growth in comparison with 2016). All this data is available in the Annual Report recently presented by the Polish LPG Association in Warsaw, in front of the industry and representatives from Polish Ministry of Finance, Energy Regulatory Office and Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Moreover, figures showed an estimated of 6,287 Autogas stations by the end of 2017, which means that approximately 86% of all Polish refuelling stations have an LPG dispenser.

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