Paris stop-gap antipollution measures successful

After smog levels had previously increased to unbearable levels by last Friday, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris prevailed over Ségolène Royal and imposed bans for half of the conventional vehicles, allowing only the other half and “clean vehicles” (alternative fuelled vehicles). Ms Hidalgo had to push hard against the Ecology Minister of France, who had first opposed any kind of ban, rather appealing to the Parisians to let their cars at home. After a social media row, Ms Royal agreed to the ban.

The ban was enforced by around 750 police officers dispatched to fine trespassers. In an exchange for their cooperation, public transportation was declared free of charge. Despite this offer nearly three thousand drivers had to pay the amount of 22 € as their vehicles were not eligible to enter the city as they were apprehended by the police.

The results were immediately noticeable, a total reduction of 40% directly yielded freely flowing traffic and dramatically reduced emissions levels.

For only the third time since 1997 but for the second year in a row, the Paris Mayor’s office had to resort to such drastic measure in order to safeguard the city’s air quality.

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