Pakistani LPG industry urges government to legalise use of Autogas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Association (LPGIA) Chairman Irfan Khokhar has asked the government to legalise the use of LPG in the transport sector of the country due to its environment-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness as compared to conventional fuels. “Currently, the LPG is around 50-60% cheaper as compared to petrol and diesel. Legalising its use in the vehicles will greatly help in promotion of this sector,” he said.

According to Khokhar, the permission should be granted for Autogas under an infallible safety mechanism, stressing the need for launching a more effective crackdown against the elements involved in production of substandard LPG cylinders and equipment.

Supporting Autogas will enable the government to tackle the environmental and climate change issues, besides saving billions of rupees annually on account of oil import bill, he explained.

The government was in process of finalising a new LPG policy in consultation with all stakeholders, aimed at streamlining the matters related to the commodity’s production, import, distribution and marketing. For more information, please check this link.

28 April 2021