Pakistan: OGRA announces investments in LPG refuelling infrastructure

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has anticipated a significant growth in Autogas refuelling stations in the country in the near future and said that an investment of Rs. 18.40 billion (USD 83 million) has been made in the LPG supply infrastructure during 2020-21.

The LPG companies entitled by their memorandum and article of the association are applying for a number of Autogas storage/filling plants and refuelling stations in light of LPG policy and regulatory framework, said OGRA annual report 2020-21. Significant growth of Autogas stations is anticipated in near future, the annual report said.

In 2020-21, OGRA has issued 87 various licenses related to LPG, including for the construction of LPG storage and filling plants, the operation of LPG storage and filling plants, the operation of LPG refuelling stations and the construction of LPG production and storage facilities.

The regulator has recently initiated the licensing of transportation of LPG through road to ensure that only the compliance tanker trucks are engaged in transportation of LPG. For more information, please visit this link.

12 October 2022