Pakistan Government allows construction of 150 Autogas stations

Pakistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has granted licenses for the construction of over 150 Autogas refuelling stations. This initiative is in line with government’s policy to reduce the use of conventional vehicle fuels and diversify fuel mix.

“There are 10 operational LPG refuelling stations within the country and more than 150 LPG refuelling stations have been granted licenses for construction,” OGRA official said, adding that the licenses were awarded after fulfilment of all formalities, requirements and verification of the construction site by the third party inspectors in accordance with rules and regulatory framework.

According to the official, the government is encouraging the development of LPG fuelling stations, mainly to meet needs of population especially in localities like rural areas and the mountainous terrains where natural gas supply is not available. LPG at the moment constitutes 0.7 percent of the total primary energy supply in Pakistan and its present size of the market is around 1.21 million tons per annum.

The official added: “OGRA anticipates a significant growth of LPG refuelling stations in the near future. The LPG companies entitled by their memorandum and article of association are applying for a number of LPG storage and filling plants, LPG refuelling stations and LPG storage facilities at the port in light of LPG Policy and Regulatory Framework.”

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23 May 2018