Opel supports Spanish MOVALT Plan with its Autogas lineup


In the wake of the recently launched MOVALT Plan, Opel offers customers buying any model of the Opel bi-fuel Autogas lineup a special discount of 1,000 euros. The Spanish Government has launched a new plan to encourage the sale of environmentally-friendly vehicles, with a 20 million euros budget. It encourages the adoption of new vehicles (or less than nine months old) powered by Autogas, natural gas, electricity and fuel cells. Opel therefore tops up the grant provided by the state, between 500 and 1,000 euros depending on the model.

All Opel Autogas models (Adam, Corsa, Astra sedan, Mokka X and Zafira) are bi-fuel: they are equipped with two tanks and can work either with gasoline or LPG. These vehicles offer a quiet and smooth operation of the engine, greater drive range of up to 500 kilometres with LPG and more than 1,400 kilometres combined with gasoline and savings of more than 40% in fuel costs, among other benefits.

To make this offer even more attractive, Opel’s collaboration with Repsol continues and their gift campaign, where Repsol gives a 400-euro gift card to Autogas vehicle buyers to refuel at its station network, is extended until the end of this year.

Moreover, Opel Autogas vehicles are recognised by the DGT (General Transport Department) with the ECO label, thanks to their low emissions of NOx and particles, so they can circulate without limitations in the city centre during periods of traffic restrictions due to high pollution. For more information, please visit this link.

20 December 2017