Ontario’s new climate change action plan features Autogas


The Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan, announced on 8 June, includes the expanded use of propane in the transportation sector.

Within the transportation section of the Climate Change Action Plan, the government states that it intends to become, “a North American leader in low carbon and zero emission transportation”. Included in the strategy is the aim to increase the availability and use of low carbon fuels, such as propane.

“The CPA supports the government’s efforts to reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint,” said Andrea Labelle, Executive Director of the Canadian Propane Association. “We are pleased to see recognition by the Ontario government that propane has an important role to play. The propane industry cannot do so without government funding for infrastructure,” she added.

“We look forward to working with the Government of Ontario on strategies that will see the increased use of propane in the transportation sector across the province,” said Labelle. “Our industry is already working with the government to reduce emissions by providing home energy retrofit opportunities to propane customers across Ontario, particularly in rural and remote areas,” said Labelle.

Propane can make a significant contribution to attaining Ontario’s long-term carbon reduction goals by replacing carbon-intensive home heating and auto fleet fuels with a cost-effective alternative that is market-ready today. As a low-carbon, low-polluting fuel, LPG is recognised by governments around the world for the contribution it can make towards improved indoor and outdoor air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and it is among the most attractive energy options for minimizing GHG emissions.