Northern French territory plans to renew fleet with alternative fuel vehicles

The departmental Council of Mayenne will renew its fleet and promote the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, including Autogas. On 1 October, the administration unanimously approved a 2018-2020 mobility plan to achieve this renewal.

This programme plans to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and total annual mileage by 10%. This represents a savings target of 31,621 litres of fuel, mostly diesel. The local fleet has 650 vehicles including 220 cars.

“The goal is to reach 40 alternative fuel cars by 2021,” said the president of the departmental Council Olivier Richefou.

“We support this measure without hesitation. The fight against global warming is essential for all. Much better if we achieve the established goals,” added Councillor Guillaume Garot (from the Socialist Party).

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24 October 2018