Nissan launches pioneering Autogas conversion programme in Mexico

Nissan Mexicana announced the launch of a conversion programme to LPG and CNG, available for the Nissan NP300, Nissan March, Nissan Urvan and Nissan V-drive models. In alliance with Gazo, the company in charge of the conversions, this initiative is positioned as the only one of its kind available for models marketed since 2020 to date and reaffirms the Japanese brand’s commitment to create mobility alternatives to its customers in different segments.

“At Nissan we have learned that the way customers shop and transport is constantly evolving. This situation leaves us with the challenge of always being with an eye for innovation. That is why we are pioneers in this ‘conversion to gas’ launch, a programme that will allow owners to have a different mobility alternative, based on the performance that characterises us. This is the result of years of testing and experience, which incorporate the best of Japanese engineering and Mexican manufacturing,” said Gerardo Fernández, Sales Director of Nissan Mexicana.

The conversion process takes three days to complete through a Nissan certified supplier and some of the main benefits of the project include: “No Circula” programme exemption (conversion gives users the ability to drive every day, based on the applicable regulation for the State of Mexico and Mexico City), fuel savings and high performance mainly for owners who use their vehicles as a source of income daily, and return on investment in the short term.

Nissan Mexicana started Phase 1 of this Autogas engine transformation service in Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Puebla. For Phase 2, the service will be extended to the states of Tlaxcala and Guanajuato. In these locations, the change of fuel system, in addition to being available for single users, will also be an option for companies that operate fleets.

Currently there are an estimated 25 workshops throughout the country where users can request the conversion in their vehicles. With this, Nissan plans to reach a coverage goal in all regions of the country for the next few years. For more information, please visit this link.

9 June 2021