Nigeria will train one million people in Autogas technology

The Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT), in collaboration with Diametrics Ltd. (representative of leading European/Asia automotive solution systems), plans to launch centres in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria for Autogas and Auto Power training, vehicle conversion, dispensing stations, call centres, assembling hub, mobile workshop units and 1st mobile App. The goal is to train 1 million people.

Chief Wole Olaoye, Diametrics Limited’s Chairman, said the partnership would be launched in December at the institute’s premises in Zaria, Kaduna State. He said the focus is to convert two million vehicles per year, which will be key for the National Autogas Roll Out initiative in the federal government’s master plan that aims to explore Nigeria’s huge gas reserves.

This would enhance the drive for Autogas adoption and open up new trajectories for development and employment, according to him.

The Director General of the NITT Bayero Salih-Farah emphasised that the Institute is mandated in its enabling act to provide training, transport intelligence monitoring, logistics systems, provision of equipment and facilities for encouragement, promotion and conduct of applied research in all modes of transport.

“We are taking the bull by the horn on this to compliment all stakeholders’ efforts for a positive transformation in the transport industry,” he said.

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28 September 2022