Nigeria: oil companies start conversion of 7,000 filling stations to Autogas

The process of converting over 7,000 retail outlets across the country to Autogas stations has started as part of the national measures to deepen the use of alternative fuels in vehicles. Oil companies are using a N250 billion (USD 607,533,400) intervention fund provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria to perform the conversion process as well as purchase products.

The President of the Petroleum Products Retail Outlets Owners Association of Nigeria (PETROAN) Billy Gillis-Harry told local newspaper Punch that they were working with the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources to install the Autogas stations.

Since 2019, the Federal Government has been pushing for a switch from vehicles running on petrol and diesel to Autogas and natural gas, and declared 2020 as the year of gas. It has continued to introduce programmes to sway citizens to use alternative fuels, with the Autogas policy being one of such.

“The new government policy to deepen gas utilisation in Nigeria is a very good programme and a welcome idea. It is going to gain acceptance gradually,” said Gillis-Harry. “And so for us in PETROAN, we have already started the process of vetting over 7,000 retail outlets. Most of them are going to be qualified for conversion centres. Others are going to be applying to the government for the N250 billion loan to restore the facilities.”

Gillis-Harry observed the use of Autogas in vehicles would help eradicate petrol subsidy. “The thing is that the process is slow but it is happening, and PETROAN is at the forefront of the engagement, because as retail outlet owners we want the stations to be successful in keying into this gas utilisation policy,” he commented.

The PETROAN president added that oil marketers had been interfacing with the Gas Utilisation Committee of the Petroleum Ministry, as efforts were intensified to make the process succeed. For more information please check this link .

21 July 2021