Nigeria: new programme will train 1,000 technicians in LPG and CNG conversions

Autolady Engineering Technology Limited, through its subsidiary Autogas Nigeria, has announced its plans to train 1,000 technicians and non-technicians across the country on converting petrol vehicles to LPG and CNG as well as continued maintenance.

This comprehensive training programme is aimed at providing a more affordable alternative for drivers facing rising fuel costs due to the recent fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria. The initiative aligns with the government’s Autogas policy and its 2060 net-zero carbon reduction agenda, with hopes that cars running on these two fuels will significantly mitigate climate change impacts by 2030, according to Joyce Daser-Adams, CEO of Autolady Engineering Technology.

The series of training, which will take place across the country, will kick start from Lagos for a one-week intensive training programme for experienced and inexperienced technicians. The training will also follow workshop attachment for professional proficiency and professional certifications.

Moreover, Autolady Engineering Technology and other stakeholders in the automotive sector have called on the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), the National Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP) and the various State Governments to support this initiative and help reduce the cost of training as well as that of the conversion kits for the participating technicians.

By encouraging the adoption of LPG and CNG vehicles, the training initiative aims to reduce the dependency on petrol/diesel vehicles and, consequently, meet the targets of the NGEP.

Source: EnviroNews Nigeria

Photo: Autolady Engineering Technology

2 August 2023