Nigeria launches committee on alternative fuel vehicles

The Federal Government has presented an Autogas and Natural Gas Vehicles Committee (ANGV) with the aim to drive the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles in Nigeria. For this, the government signed a document during a meeting between the Committee of the National Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP) and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry.

The ANGV is a sub-committee of the NGEP (launched by the Ministry of State for Petroleum Resources in January 2020) and their task is to promote LPG and CNG usage to power passenger cars and city buses thereby creating alternative fuel choices for Nigerians.

The NGEP was charged to reinforce and expand domestic Autogas and natural gas supply to stimulate demand through an efficient and effective mobilisation and utilisation of all available assets, resources and infrastructure.

The chairman of the committee, Mohammed Ibrahim, in his submission to the gathering of major stakeholders, said increased utilisation of alternative fuels would provide a favourable environment for investors.

In addition, the Technical Adviser on Gas Business and Policy Implementation to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, who also is the Programme Manager, AutoLPG in the NGEP, Opelamina Derefaka, said the NGEP is in collaboration with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the installation of Autogas and natural gas dispensers in NNPC retail owned and operated refuelling stations nationwide. For more information, please visit this link.

5 August 2020