New vehicle control system for Autogas stations in Argentina

The Argentine company SIFER GAS has developed an innovative tool aimed at improving quality standards and traceability of LPG refuelling in vehicles. The technology has been successfully applied in different countries where Autogas is highly developed, such as Turkey.

In February, the company will put into operation a new computerised control system that will allow a comprehensive monitoring of the fuel dispensing. In the first place, a chip installed in each of the dispensers of the five service stations that SIFER has in north-eastern Argentina and Cuyo region will automatically prevent LPG from being refuelled in a car that does not have the wafer up to date, through the crossing of data between each point of sale and the central host of the company.

Simultaneously, each vendor in the refuelling network will have the precise parameters online and at the time of each sale, specifying volume, employee, customer, amount and date of the operation.

Through this application, the comprehensive management of Autogas is guaranteed, within a control and administration platform, as well as the maintenance level of the fleet converted to LPG by the workshops belonging to SIFER GAS.

The telemetry applied in the dispensers, through the placement of a pointer in the car when refuelling, will allow solutions for the capture and monitoring of vehicle data for various applications, offering information and alerts in real time, with transactions 100% certified to improve day-to-day auditing.

“We already had telemetry in the tanks at the dispensing points, but we took another step towards self-monitoring of traceability at the dispensers,” said the President of SIFER GAS, Raúl Persoaglia.

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19 January 2022