New user friendly platform to calculate Autogas savings

The equipment manufacturer Prins Autogassystemen has introduced a new consumer platform in Germany, France and Spain with an easy calculator for LPG drivers. Driving on Autogas is cleaner and cheaper than driving on gasoline or diesel, and this site will help calculate the real benefit for each individual.

In addition to the calculator available on the website (, visitors can use the platform’s social media to inform themselves about driving on Autogas and exchange information.

“We see that Autogas is a popular but also a cleaner fuel  in many countries and realize that still a lot of people have no idea what driving on Autogas means and what it can do for them, so we like to inform them via various channels with various type of stories. Driving on Autogas is cheaper and lowers CO2 and particle emissions drastically. If you can benefit from this, it is a great win, is it not?” said Marketing Manager of Prins, Angelique Berden.

Prins calculates that the range while driving on Autogas is additional to driving on gasoline. Depending on the size of the tank, one can drive about 600 kilometres on LPG. Adding the range when driving on gasoline, one can drive more than 1000 km without filling up. It is much cheaper as LPG is about 50% of the price of gasoline.

Nowadays one cannot see from the outside that the car is equipped with an LPG system as the tank is discretely hidden in the trunk (spare wheel compartment), and the switch is neatly assembled in the dashboard. The well designed components fit the motor compartment.