New standards for Autogas vehicles in Germany


As of October 1, 2017, regulations regarding registration of LPG-powered cars in Germany have changed. In order to be granted approval, a driver wishing to register a vehicle will now have to produce a UNECE Regulation No. 115-based homologation certificate extract. Moreover, cars complying with emission standard Euro 3 and above will only be allowed to be converted if the LPG system’s manufacturer has a 115 Regulation certificate.

Before, the only document required for registration of an LPG-converted car was the so-called “abgasgutachten,” which is a confirmation issued by Dekra Deutschland (Blerin-based vehicle inspection company) that a car with an LPG system fitted complies with the same emission standard as it did when it ran on petrol only.

Regarding UNECE Regulation 115, it was introduced in 2003 and applies to new and used cars complying with Euro 3 emission standard and above. All EU member states are obliged to accept homologation certificates delivered in another EU country on the basis of this regulation.

Requirements of the UNECE Regulation 115 deal with a wide range of aspects, from safety to engine power and emissions.

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