New LPG fuel system launched in the Netherlands

Vialle Autogas Systems has introduced a new Autogas system, whose technology guarantees that the LPG is injected directly into the cylinders. With the ‘DirectBlue’ system, Vialle believes it has the answer to petrol cars that have been equipped with direct fuel injection for years.

Vialle presented its DirectBlue product at the GasShow in Poland, where it received the Inpro Award for the new system. Vialle claims to be the first company to have developed reliable technology for direct injection of LPG.

Peter Rutten, Director of Vialle, anticipates that the company will now grow strongly. The permanent team of 25 and 30 employees is expected to expand this year with ten more people, and a further increase is forecasted in 2020. ‚ÄúCustomers all over the world are already asking when they can get the first systems.”

Vialle engineers have spent three years working on the new technology that is a further development of the company’s existing, patented LPG systems. A unique feature of the new system, according to Vialle, is that it is not necessary to intervene in the engine management system of the car, so that optimum engine performance is possible. For more information, please visit this link.

10 April 2019